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Job Ready Workshops and Mentoring  
Job Ready Workshops

Throughout the year, and especially at the beginning and end of semesters, g'day[sa] hosts in conjunction with tertiary institutions and Study Adelaide, free webinars particularly to help students get:
  • part-time and casual jobs in vocations and businesses especially selected to give the 'soft skills' essential to gain career start positions in Australia after graduation.
  • Career start positions in Australia that lead to Permanent Residency.
  • In depth understanding of Australian business culture and how best to revise your resume and cover letters to ensure being shortlisted for positions.

One on One Mentoring
  • Each student who completes a webinar above is entitled to a free one hour one-on-one consultation especially to help improve a resume, cover letter or other mentoring to gain work in Australia.
  • Ongoing support, particularly to gain career starts, is provided for all tertiary students, both Australian and international, by helping them select jobs, how best to write their application and how best to perform in interviews. A small fee is only charged once the student receives a job offer. Over 80% of students helped gain a career start within 3 months.

English Language Training
  • Most vocations in Australia require an IELTS band level above 6.5 now, to gain career starts. It varies from 7 (most professional vocations) to 8.5. Most students achieve that band level through practising their English while they complete their studies. However, a number still need additional help to reach this higher level. G'day[sa] has qualified English as a second language trainers available who will fast track your language skill level to reach the agreed band. In most cases this is achieved in a matter of weeks which is often necessary to meet a visa deadline.

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