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Euan Miller at the Peace Conference

g'day [sa], in association with Rotary clubs in Australia, runs many events throughout the year for international students. Rotary International is an educational and humanitarian service organisation made up of 1.2 M business and community leaders who donate their time and skills through over 200 countries. These events are designed for students to meet Australians in their own homes and their own environments and build networks and friendships. It has also proved useful for students to gain career starts after they graduate, especially if they wish to stay in Adelaide.

  • Clubs help International students gain jobs through their members' business networks.
  • Clubs hold international nights at Halls of Residence where club members meet students and share a meal with them.
  • Clubs host groups of international students at BBQs often held at Rotarians' homes
  • Clubs invite international students as guest speakers at their weekly meetings
  • Clubs encourage students to work with them on local and international projects when study time permits
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